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Real-Time Venue Experience Platform

Personalized Services to Consumers...

Real-Time Insights for Entertainment Venues!


Continuously Improve Customer Service & Experience… with Cloud-Based Big Data Analytics


Mobile Solution to Casinos, Clubs, Bars, Karaoke, Resorts, Lounges, Concerts...


Mobilize Your Services… including Order & Pay


Create New Sources Of Sustainable Revenue… Predict & Gain Business Insights


Reward Your Customers…

with Loyalty Management


Welcome to VenueLytics!
Real-Time Venue Experience Platform

VenueLytics is an end-to-end solution enabling businesses, in the entertainment and service industries, to engage their customers in real-time and deliver VIP Bottle/Table Service Reservations, Private Event Booking, Guest list, Food & Drink Ordering & other premium services across Omni-Channel & WiFi.

It includes Campaigns & Simplified Loyalty Management along with business analytics with patent pending technologies.


The Power of Turnkey Custom Integration

VenueLytics platform integrates with a Venue's Website, Social Media Sites, Mobile Apps, ItzFun Consumer App and 3rd party Apps. Our consumer App "ItzFun!," provides access to an extensive level of information about the most important entertainment venues around the world. With ItzFun!, consumers can know, and see, what’s fun & happening, right now, at the very moment of decision.


Available on Mobile Web, Desktop, App Store & Google Play Store

Table/Bottle Service

Real-Time & Pre-Booking of Bottle Services with Mobile Web, Mobile App, SMS & Email

Guest List

Easy Access To New & Existing Customers. Grow the customer base.

Food & Beverage Requests

Ordering Food & Beverage from Mobile Web, Website & Mobile app


Provide valuable, and relevant, real-time rewards and incentives via SMS, e-mail, & Mobile App


Book Event Tickets, Banquet Halls & Karaoke Rooms for Private Events

Personalized Notifications

Recommendations, Deals & Rewards


Communication, schedules and updates from promoters, hosts, artists and venues


Customer Insights, Prediction, Personalized Services, Cab & Limo Booking, Valet Parking & VIP Access

Our Customers, Partners & Featured Venues