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VenueLytics empowers businesses, in the entertainment, hospitality and service industries, to engage their customers in real-time and deliver Table & Bottle Service Reservations, Food & Drink Ordering, Private Event Bookings, Events Booking, 360° degree view of the venue, Guest Lists, Campaigns, Loyalty Rewards & other premium services across Omni-Channel & WiFI. VenueLytics provides a patent-pending deep learning technology for venues to get real-time insights & predictive recommendations.

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VenueLytics real-time platform integrates with Venue's Website, Social Media Sites, Mobile Apps, ItzFun Consumer App and 3rd party Apps. Our white-label consumer App 'ItzFun!,' provides access to an extensive level of information about the most important entertainment & hospitality venues around the world. With ItzFun!, consumers can know, and see, what’s fun & happening, right now, at the very moment of decision.


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