10 Tips to Setup a Nightclub of Tomorrow Today


We are back with yet another article and tips to share with you on creating the nightclub of tomorrow.

Most of us night owls, have at some point thought about owning a night club or a bar for fun. Usually, we get turned off to the idea because of the costs and headache associated with owning such business. We do agree, it costs a lot, but it is not impossible and it may also be lots of fun to own a venue. You can setup a nightclub or bar fairly easily and make good profits if you do it properly.

We would love to share ten tips that you must consider before setting up a nightlife venue.

1. A Great Location

Location, location, location! It is very important to select a location that has the demographics you are targeting. Whether you are setting up a Jaz Club or a techno music Dance club make sure the demographic you are targeting is present. For example, most successful clubs and bars in Miami or San Francisco targeting younger crowd are located in specific neighborhoods. So, make sure to choose a location that is suitable for your target demographics, has access to public transportation and is a destination neighborhood.

2. Think of a Theme

Having the right theme is almost as important as finding a great location. Design your venue with a unique theme for the right customers experience. The right theme will resonate with patrons and will make sure they frequently visit your establishment.

3. Focused Surveys

Surveys are still valid. Make sure to get a bunch of focus groups that consists of a mix of hard core night owls and the moderate clubbers. Ask them questions about nightclubs, likes, dislikes, what motivates them to visit a venue and what can be down to enhance their nightlife experience. Employ different Q&A strategy to get all your questions answered.

4. Hire Interior Designers

Hire a bunch of fresh creative interior designers and set the place according to the theme. Get an extra view and insights from these artists who can offer a fresh perspective in designing a venue.

5. Build a Team

This is a difficult part of a startup venue. Getting passionate people just like you can be difficult at times. You need to bring in a coherent team that can communicate and execute properly as they represent your business. Find those who want to be a part of this nightlife experience and make sure they adhere to the common interests and goals throughout.

6. Train Your Staff

After all your hard work, in finding the right location and theme, starting the business, It is imperative that you select and train the right staff to serve your customers The staff in the service industry makes or breaks a businesses. The right training, attire, and attitude represents you and your business.

7. Make Service Digital

To serve your customers better and effectively run your operation, you need to utilize technology and automate tasks and services. It is time you replace hectic job of taking orders by call, message, etc. and let any digital platform or an app handle that aspect of your business. ItzFun app is capable of handling Bottle/Table service for you along with VenueLytics.

8. Venue Back-up With Real-time Analytics

Most businesses struggle because they don't utilize technology to analyze data in real-time and improve operations. You need to have some proper analytics and tools to track your customers, orders, revenue and other critical data. VenueLytics business platform, designed specifically for service industry, can provide you with real-time analytics and data crucial for your day-to-day operations.

9. Special treatment to VIP customers

You need to make sure to recognize your VIP and loyal customers and treat them with extra care. Perhaps offer complimentary food/drinks, exclusive discounts, and gifts cards. Priority has to be given to these folks as they will promote and advertise your venue to friends for free.

10. Invite Influencers

This is influencers era, and you cannot ignore them. Influencers are people with good fan/follower base in a particular niche. You can find these influencers active on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, Youtube, etc. Make sure they know about your venue and visit your establishment often. a positive review or posting on their social profiles, can reach hundreds of potential customers.

Keep these ten things in mind while thinking of starting a nightlife venue.

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