7 Nightlife Trends to Follow


Businesses in the hospitality industry, must constantly change and adapt in a dynamic environment driven by technology and demand for better and faster services. Equally, service differentiation is key to attracting new customers and retaining the exiting once. These requirements are even more important when it comes to the new generation and the nightlife.

Today, we are going to share with you seven trends to follow in the nightlife world.

Celebrity Promotion

The celebrity promotion became a new mainstream trend in the year 2016 and is still going strong. When it comes to nightlife, the buzz is about the celebs, DJ's and artists promoting a venue on social media. Instagram and Snapchat are where you will find these celebs promoting/endorsing venues by Posting updates or streaming live from inside the venue.

Increased social media presence

With so much nightlife options for the new generation, social media has become a go-to-place for all nightlife activities. To reach new customers, a strong social media presence is crucial. Cross promotion, exclusive discounts, happy hours announcements, and upcoming events are few ways a business can reach the new generation.

Themed venues concept

When it comes to nightlife, themed venues have become extremely popular. Having a great theme for the nightclub/bar/pub/lounge can enhance customer experience and self-promote a venue. 80’s night, 90’s music, custom parties, Halloween night, DJs, are some of the more popular themes.

Nightlife apps

There are apps for everything these days - from searching for a fun venue to pre-ordering of table/bottle services. These apps not only help the night owls discover new and exciting venues and services but also help businesses reach customers that they would not have reached otherwise. A more comprehensive apps like VenueLytics goes even one step further and enables businesses to offer VIP services, events promotions, special deals and much more in real-time.

Interactive experience

The new generation of night owls are not only technology savvy but also require much more than just a service. They long for an interactive nightlife experience that tops their day-to-day life. They prefer to be engaged and require real-time interaction and services delivered through technology and PDA devices.

Late night venues

Late night spots have been around for a long time. But now there is high demand is for such venues. The demand is driven by the new generations thirst for after hour parties and the social media. Constant promotion of these venues on social media coupled with high energetic club goers is growing in the digital age.


Along with the new type of breweries, Spiked-tea cocktails, farm-to-table drinks and contemporary twists on old classics have all become frequent fixtures on bar menus across the city. Everyone wants to try different and new things. The popular venues now serve people with various types of delicious mixtures and mixes to create loyal following.

These are seven nightlife trends every nightlife venue needs to follow to make sure they are not neglected by their fans.

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