Bottle Service and Table Service - What Is the Difference?

Bottle service and Table service are pretty popular in the major metropolitan cities like Las Vegas, Miami, Chicago and New York City. These cities have a lot of venues and events happening. Many of the people are confused with the terms 'Bottle Service' and 'Table Service,' so we are here today to explain these terms to make you understand what exactly they mean in the nightlife industry.

Bottle Service: How Does Bottle Service Work?

It is an arrangement where rather than lining up at a jammed bar, nightclub, or pub fighting to order your drinks, the venue provides you your private table, booth or VIP Room. And you buy full bottles of your preference of alcohol accompanied with mixers, condiments, and ice which are served table-side by a personal waitress.

bottle Service

Bottle service should be booked in advance, which you can now do by the ItzFun app at your favorite venues. Bottle service reduces the headache of going early to the venue and getting in the queue just to get the drinks. Once you book your bottles in advance, you can enjoying your time with friends while sipping on your beverages. If you would like to know more about the Bottle Service, check out our another article ‘What Is Bottle Service and Facts You Should Know

Is Bottle Service is a good option for Venues?

Absolutely Yes, people want to spend quality time in the venues. Making their life simpler should be the aim of any venue. With some extra effort and adding more people, you can efficiently manage the bottle service in your venue. People are willing to pay a premium to get Bottle service, and it is worth it. Bottle services will increase revenues at your lounge, nightclub or pub. And for groups opting in for bottle service, the costs can be divided among the group.

Table Service:

Most of the venues these days offer Table service, where a server for you table is available for takings orders and servicing you table.

There is also a concept of VIP table; the VIP experience includes bar spend of x amount per person, fast track entry, designated hostess service, VIP amenities, private cloakroom and access to balconies.

The term table service is frequently used reciprocally with the term bottle service in the bar & nightclub industry.

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