Our Exclusive Interview with the One and Only DJ Playboi

We recently got a chance to interview the amazingly talented DJ Playboi. And, here we present to you the multi talented DJ Playboi and our amazing Q&A.

Our Exclusive Interview with the One and Only DJ Playboi

VenueLytics:Hi DJ Playboi, can you please introduce yourself to our audience at VenueLytics?

Dj Playboi: My name is Joseph, aka Playboi or Dj Playboi - I have been producing some of Northern California's biggest events since 1998, djing over 10+ years, and i have been managing nightlife entertainment for various venues in the bay area for over 10+ years.

VenueLytics: Can you brief us, how did u get into djing?

Dj Playboi: I got into promoting/producing events in the late 90's right out of high school going out meeting ppl every weekend and started throwin day parties at parks in San Jose w Djs & Permits (18 yrs old crazy to think i was doing that), then ppl bdays, then hosting 18+ clubs at the time. I eventually got into djing because i was always fascinated with it i guess, and naturally just learned from all the events I have thrown the years and decided to pursue djing professionally in the mid 2000's

VenueLytics: Can you please share anyone major highlights of your career?

Dj Playboi: I would say being apart of throwing all the official Myspace events for northern california in the late 2000's, my big events i did in SF & San Jose i did in the mid 2000's, and also all the Rockstar Las Vegas events 3000+ ppl, i did back in 2006-2008. As far as djing, Facebook Xmas parties are the shiznit w Mark Zuckerberg sharing a stage w ya I'd say :)..., but i'm just fortunate and blessed to be working w the top clubs in the bay area & to be able to travel doing what you love.

VenueLytics: Who/what inspired you to become a DJ?

Dj Playboi: Many djs inspired while i was pursuing djing at the time, i was booking almost all the biggest open format djs at the time in the mid 2000's, working with Sujit Kundu of Skam artist, i pretty much booked everyone he had at the time for all my events, and all of them would come to the bay and rock the house.. many other djs as well. but it's a good long list.

VenueLytics: What are some perks and hard times of being a DJ?

Dj Playboi: The hard times of being a dj, well open format i would say, staying on top of all the music that's out these days, it's a lot. Not easy keeping up on a week to week basis, it's a grind listening / going through over 100/200 tracks every week, making your own edits when have time, producing if you have the time, organizing your tracks, practicing cuts or routines, then managing other projects you have (or an 8-5 job) as well. Perks. i dunno, free drinks? :)

VenueLytics: What is your most favorite part of being a DJ?

Dj Playboi: The favorite part is knowing your genres, reading a crowd and droppin sh*t you know they'll love and turn up to, that maybe they wouldn't expect? not talking just some hip hop ish either. could be Anything..., like saying Peyton Manning studying his playbook & defenses during the week, and reaping the benefits of TD's on Sundays (in his prime, lol)..,

VenueLytics: Can you name some of your favorite nightclubs?

Dj Playboi: Temple, Love & Propaganda, Hawthorn, Infusion, Audio, Holy Cow, Avery SJ, Enso SJ, Myth SJ - if the sound system knocks, i'm a fan

VenueLytics: What advice do you have for someone who wants to become a DJ?

Dj Playboi: If its part time and for fun cool, have fun part time. but if you lookin for a dj type of career, it's a grind like any other job, but aint a job if you love the grind for what you do.., that's #passion

Follow Dj Playboi on his website and social channels,

Instagram: djplayboi
Twitter: DJ Playboi
SoundCloud: DJ Playboi
Facebook: PlayboiPresents | DJPlayboi

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