Our Exclusive Interview with DJ Michelle Pooch

We at VenueLytics recently interviewed the Famous Miami socialite, businesswoman, and DJ, ‘Michelle Pooch’, also quoted as one of the busiest DJs in Miami. Another interesting fact is, On an average, she has been searched for around 2500 times per month on Google. What else? Let us see what she has to say about the Miami nightlife and other interesting facts.

Our Exclusive Interview DJ ‘Michelle Pooch’

VenueLytics:Hi Michelle, can you please introduce yourself to our nightlife audience at VenueLytics?

Dj Playboi: My name is Dj Michelle Pooch I am a Miami girl born and raised!

VenueLytics: How did you become a DJ? What inspired you?

Dj Michelle:I became a DJ when my DJ for my weekly party didn’t show up. When the DJ didn’t show I jumped on the tables and figured it out just enough to get the party going and instantly fell in love! I signed up the next day for the scratch academy and started my journey.

VenueLytics: In the busy and competitive city like Miami, it is hard to be up to date with the nightlife trends, how do you keep yourself with this city?

Dj Michelle: Miami is a trending city I definitely have a secret weapon when it comes to staying up on the new music and that’s my daughter Bella.

VenueLytics: You have been named as one of the top DJs, event planners, and tastemakers in Miami. What’s the secret behind your success?

Dj Michelle: The secret behind my success is staying true to your roots and keeping relationships with all the people that make a party from the front door man to the bathroom attendant everyone matters!

VenueLytics: Can you please share with us your daily routine?

Dj Michelle: My daily routine consists of waking up thanking God, making coffee n breakfast for my Bella n taking her to school. I try to squeeze in a workout and then I open my shop Get Nailed Bar where music meets manicures! Get nailed bar is located in wynwood 2328 NE 2nd Ave Miami fl 33137. Some days I am filming for love and hip hop, other days I make time for family and friends! And always downloading new music.

VenueLytics:What are your some of the best nightlife venues in Miami?

Dj Michelle: Some of the best nightlife venues in Miami are liv, story and Rockwell!! Your guaranteed the best music and vibes always!

VenueLytics: Finally, can you share some tips for the aspirants who want to become a successful DJs?

Dj Michelle: My tips for any inspiring DJs out there do it because you love it and if you are serious about it sign up at scratch and really learn all the different ways to DJ! Find your sound and rock out!

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